Sunday, February 23, 2020

Why the European Union developed a range of equality policies and Essay

Why the European Union developed a range of equality policies and enacted some strong workplace equality legislation - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that ever since 1957, when gender-based inequality was pledged to be abolished from workplaces in the European Union through the Treaty of Rome, Europeans have seen many changes occur in the field of workplace equality policies. Recently, the European Union again reemphasized upon this aspect of equality in the workplace and modified the workplace equality legislation to give everyone a fair chance in performing at their jobs while the reasons for this move is pretty obvious, exact tenets of the approach used by the European Union are hard to emulate in other countries due to the complexity of clauses presented in the legislation. In order to understand this, we must delve into the details of the changes brought in by the European Union recently. For a country to grow and experience financial and economic prosperity, it is very important that each and every individual in the community has a role to play in contributing towards the infrastru cture of the country. For this to happen, any individual located in any part if the European Union should ideally have all the chances to take up a job he desires and serve the country using his specific skillsets. It was this ideology that prompted the government to set up such legislation initially. In due course of time, several amendments came up to reduce gender bias and racist discriminations in the workplace. Amongst prominent incidents that led to the further upheaval of the policies in this legislation, we find the following to be of utmost importance and to have led to anti-discrimination laws to be more completely defined in recent times. Roma History: Surprisingly a lot of schools in different parts of the European Union had students of Romanian backgrounds, most of whom were victims of discrimination whether at school or in society. Children abused at workplaces were also found in these rehabilitation schools. This observation and the plight of descendants of Gypsies br ought out the need to abolish discrimination at elementary levels, by introducing laws that governed much more than just racial discrimination in the workplace.

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