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Social And Social Responsibility A Business Made Up Of A...

economist Milton Friedman noted that the social responsibili ­ties of business are notable for their analytical looseness and lack of rigor. Friedman believed that only people could have social responsibilities. Businesses, by their very nature, cannot. http://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/socialresponsibility.asp .But is not a business made up of a group people? If we require the individual to be socially responsible, then it follows that we should require the group to be socially responsible as well. Social responsibility is an ethical framework which suggests that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_responsibility When defined in such a way, one wonders how there can even be an argument against the social resposibility of business; yet, time and time again persons who would put profits ahead of people do need to be reminded of this sentiment. Businesses do not operate i n a vacuum; they have an impact on their environment. . Any entity that affects a communal environment has a responsibility not to harm that environment, at the very least, and ideally to improve that environment. Although Shareholders may or may not physically live in their customers’ and employees’ communities, they have a moral obligation to their fellow man. Social responsibility moves beyond philanthropy into how a business chooses to approach the community and its people. When aShow MoreRelatedThe Ethical And Sustainable Business Practices Of Patagonia1661 Words   |  7 Pagesin sustainable business and environmental practices. This book goes over the ethical and sustainable business practices that Patagonia has been using for the past 40 years. They started off as a small company called Chouinard Equipment, they sold rugby shirts, ice axes, and much more basic mountain climbing equipment. Throughout the course of this paper I will be discussing, Patagonia’s values, ethical framework, and the different elements that made them a highly sustainable business. Patagonia realizesRead MoreCorporate Social Responsibility: A case study of The body shop1223 Words   |  5 PagesCorporate Social Responsibility and discuss why it is important to modern business In today’s world, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been one of the topics that every company must be concerned with. It is usually viewed as a legal obligation for every company to create social benefits alongside with the profit gains (Peng and Meyer 2011, p.297). CSR is a crucial factor for our society and environment. If there is no campaign to encourage us to save our planet, how can people be awareRead MoreVolvo : Corporate Social Responsibility1155 Words   |  5 PagesCorporate Social Responsibility. Avinash Adapa(1678167) Prof Eleni P.Mylonas EPS 8R Fairleigh Dickinson University DATE: 09-27-2014 Abstract Corporate Social Responsibility means their responsibility towards the community and the environment (both in ecological and social). CorporateRead MoreBusiness Ethics And Social Responsibility1167 Words   |  5 PagesCOMPARITIVE BUSINESS ETHICS AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Essay on Ethics and corporate Social Responsibilities SUBMITTED BY: Karuna Shrestha SID# TIA2346 SUBMITTED TO: Understanding Ethics and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) Corporate social responsibility is no more characterized by the amount of cash an organization adds to charities, yet by its general inclusion in exercises that enhance the nature of individuals lives. Corporate Responsibility has come up as a huge topic in theRead MoreCorporate Social Responsibility in Nepal1457 Words   |  6 PagesEssay on Corporate Social Responsibility in Context of Nepal Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large. While there is no universal definition of corporate social responsibility, it generally refers to transparent business practices that are based on ethical values, Compliance withRead MoreThe Social Responsibility Of A Social Service899 Words   |  4 Pages Man is a social animal so he cannot live alone. Society does its best to provide the individual with all the comforts amenities and facilities of life. So it is duty to do service for others. Nowadays more and more organizations are engaging in positive way often referred to as corporate social responsibility. It is important to doing a social service all organizations. CSR aims to embrace responsibility for to reassure a positive effect on the environment and stakeholders containing consumersRead MoreCorporate Social Responsibility And Corporate Sustainability Essay1658 Words   |  7 PagesCorporate Social Responsibility Vs Corporate Sustainability in India: A case study on Aditya Birla Group Supriya Agarwal Abstract: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is now a burning topic in India, which became prominent and most amplified in 2013 when companies were obligated to spend two percent of profit after tax in CSR activities set by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. Although, the concept of CSR is not new in India and has evolved and developed very well from hundredsRead MoreLenovos Corporate Social Responsibility1359 Words   |  6 Pagespublish corporate social responsibility report from 2008. It is the first batch of Chinese enterprises concerned about corporate social responsibility. In recent years, Lenovo is always among the highest in the list of China s corporate social responsibility. In 2013, its ranking rose to the second place. As a leading IT manufacture, Lenovo has put its value of responsibility into every practice of the company. Lenovo believes that enterprises should first do their own business, provide better productsRead MoreAre Profits The Only B usiness Of Business?1523 Words   |  7 PagesAre profits the only Business of Business? What is the corporation’s social responsibility? Many might say the main idea is that a corporation must go further than carrying out their basic function of purely making profits. A corporation must create wealth in ways that avoid under minding society, and instead enrich the society it operates in. The term â€Å"corporate social responsibility† has been deï ¬ ned in numerous ways; from the constricted economic perception of increasing stockholder wealth (FriedmanRead MoreBusiness Ethics and Social Responsibility Essay1471 Words   |  6 Pagesindividual’s values and morals, plus a behavior social context. Ethical behavior conforms to individual beliefs and social norms about what’s right and good. Unethical behavior conforms to individual beliefs and social norms about what’s wrong or bad. Business ethics refers to ethical or unethical behavior by employees in the context of their jobs. Ethics are talked about frequently and addressed in the news when unethical decisions are found. Sadly, people do not hear about ethics when others are engaging

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Business Artificial Neural Network and Data - 2030 Words

1. The independent data marts have inconsistent data definitions and different dimensions and measures, 2. Which of the following is not a major activity of OLAP? Analytics 3. Which of the following are reports that are similar to routine reports, Ad-hoc reports 4. Clustering techniques involves optimization this is because we want to create group that have maximum similarity among members within each group†¦ 5. Which of the following is the reason why neural networks have been applied in business classification problems? Able to learn the data, able to learn the models nonparametric nature, its ability to generalize, All of the above 6. The main processing elements of a neural network are individual neurons 7. A software suite is†¦show more content†¦Common tools used for supervised induction are neural networks , decision trees, and if then else rules tree 36. Which of the following procedure is used to break datasets into different pairs of training and testing sets resampling 37. Lotus notes provide online collaboration capabilities 38. Communication occurs when the receiver gets the information at a different time asynchronous 39. A rule-based expert system contains rules in its knowledge base and the rules are used to generate questions 40. Which of the following is the brain of an expert system inference engine 41. Decisions trees are comprised of essentially a hierarchy of if-then statements 42. A decision tree can be defined as a root followed by internal nodes. each node(including the root)is labeled with a question 43. Which of the following describes how data are organized and how to use them effectively? Metadata 44. The difference between the actual output and the desired output for a given set of inputs is an error named Alpha 45. Data mining provides organizations with an indispensable decision-enhancing environment to exploit new opportunities by transforming date into a strategic weapon 46. Cluster analysis is a exploratory data analysis tool for solving classification problems 47. A major step in managerial decision making is forecasting. There are many methods to doShow MoreRelatedAn Evolving Diagnostic Decision Support System769 Words   |  4 PagesC.: Introduction to artificial intelligence. ISBN 048624864X,Courier Corporation (1985).† 5. SuzukiK.: Artificial neural networks: methodological advances and biomedical applications. InTech, ISBN-13: 9789533072432( 2011).† 6. Lingras P. J.: Rough neural network. In: Proc. of the 6th Int. Conf. on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-based Systems (IPMU96). pp.1445-1450, Granada, Spain (1996). 7. ellaHassanien, A., Ã…Å¡lzak, D. (2006). Rough neural intelligent approachRead MoreLiterature Review Of The Movie Industry989 Words   |  4 PagesLiterature Review Much research has been undertaken into predicting movie box office revenue and success. Although the literature covers a varied range of research, this review will focus on the collection of movie data, techniques used to predict box office revenue and success, findings and results that have been found and benefits of movie box office revenue and success. 3.1 Movie industry The movie industry has grown massively over the last few decades. Worldwide, the movie industry isRead MorePredictive Analytics : A Gold Mine1554 Words   |  7 Pagesvolume of data oday`s mobile technologies and social media have collection and it`s storage manifold. This led to unleashed an exponential increase in information. continual growth in the size of data sets with Predictive analytics, a business intelligence technology consequent increase in complexity as well. Hands-on is one of the latest to take the future by storm with its data analysis is being increasingly augmented with immense potential for data- mining and efficacy. indirect, automated data processingRead MoreEssay on Artificial Intelligence and its Uses819 Words   |  4 PagesArtificial Intelligence and its Uses Artificial intelligence is defined as the ability of a machine to think for itself. Scientists and theorists continue to debate if computers will actually be able to think for themselves at one point. The generally accepted theory is that computers do and will think more in the future. AI has grown rapidly in the last ten years because of the advances in computer architecture. As AI advances, human beings are using it to help with some problemsRead MoreBootstrap Approach On Data Sampling Essay1445 Words   |  6 PagesBootstrap Approach in Data Sampling As shown in the previous chapter, the basic samples of data needed to calculate the confidence intervals have distributions which depart from the traditional parametric distributions. Thus, classical hypothesis-testing procedures based on strong parametric assumptions cannot be used to estimate the confidence intervals. In order to obtain results as reliable as possible, a statistical technique which is applicable regardless of the form of the data probability densityRead MoreComputer Network And The World Wide Web System1653 Words   |  7 Pagesamount of data being stored in electronic format has been increased dramatically. This increased gives rise to increase accumulation of data at a very quick rate. In addition, the volume of information in the world has been projected to doubles every two years. For example, the health care database system or financial database system is worth instances for the types of data that are being collected and increased dramatically. In fact we are living in a world where vast amounts of data are collectedRead MoreResearch Paper On Artificial Intelligence1641 Words   |  7 Pages Troy University IS 3310: XTIB Introduction to Information Systems and Data Analytics Artificial Intelligence Brittany Cook July 20, 2017 Abstract This research involves discovering how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has progressed and how it could potentially replace mankind. The goal of this research is to provide examples of how Artificial Intelligence is incorporated into our daily lives and provides an easier way of living. Today, we live in a world where technology is constantlyRead MoreBusiness Intelligence Systems And Information Systems1176 Words   |  5 PagesData Mining In the last few decades, because of availability of vast amount of data in the electronic forms, and the increase in requirements associated with its conversion into desired information, for its use in analysis of market, business management and to aid in decision process. There are many systems and technologies developed, that helped managers to make better decisions and avoid failures that are commonly associated with relying upon intuitions. Business Intelligence Systems are informationRead MoreA Brief Introduction To Artificial Intelligence For Normal People1691 Words   |  7 PagesBrief Introduction to Artificial Intelligence For Normal People By Marc Crouch | Submitted On June 22, 2016 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Expert Author Marc Crouch Lately, artificial intelligence has beenRead MoreInformation Systems Record Events On Log Files1555 Words   |  7 Pagesspanning several minutes [Abad03]. The amount of data logged per system can be in excess of several thousand events per minute. Additionally, these files are distributed across the network. In order to process and analyze the log data, it must be integrated. Integrating highly heterogeneous data from multiple sources requires a massive centralized data repository [Kott13]. This data repository meets the complexity requirements as defined by Big Data. Big Data is defined by three characteristics: volume

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Reflecting practice is an important role within early years

Task A For reflective practice I would like you to explain your job role and responsibilities (you may have a copy of this with your contract), knowledge skills and understanding and then identify the standards that influence the way your role is carried out. i.e codes of practice, national occupational standards, policies and procedures. Please then assess your knowledge, skills and understanding of the standards, considering areas for personal development. Then I would like you to describe how you ensure personal attitudes or beliefs do not obstruct your quality of work. Task B Reflecting on practice is an important role within early years. Explain why reflecting on practice and work activities are important in order to†¦show more content†¦Children deserve the best possible for their well-being and development. When parents leave their children with us in the nursery I am entrusted with the care of these children and it’s important that I give the best alternative care possible and that standards are maintained to ensure the safe and well-being of the child. Taking care of children may include personal hygiene, safety, and other medical or physical needs. I always have to act in the best interest of the children and their needs. I have the duty of care towards myself, the children and my colleagues. As a nursery assistant I should: Keep my knowledge and skills up to date. To keep any records I make as accurate as possible. To know what must be done to make my job as safe as possible. If I have any concerns about the children’s needs, I would need to make these concerns known. To get additional support and advice from colleagues about how to resolve dilemmas. To report any child’s concerns, taking into consideration his/her feelings and making sure that issues are deal effectively and promptly. Task B Despite an appreciation of a nursery assistant/ teacher assistant of the potential value of reflective practice, many new teachers assistants choose not to reflect on their practice constructively and critically, preferring to fall back on pre-conceived understandings of how they and the children should conduct themselves in theShow MoreRelatedUnderstanding the Principle of Professional Development Essay1491 Words   |  6 Pagesdevelopment In order to develop our knowledge further we must be able to reflect on our current practice. Reflecting on our own practice is important because it allows us to assess what we are doing well and identify areas where we might like/need more training or guidance. This will help to ensure that we are performing to the best we can and are meeting all necessary standards and expectations within our nursery’s policies and procedures. It helps individuals to think about what they are doingRead MoreCU1536 PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE IN EARLY YEARS SETTINGS977 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿ NVQ LEVEL 3 CU1536 PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE IN EARLY YEARS SETTINGS 1.1 Explain how the range of early years settings reflects the scope and purpose of the sector The range of Early Years Settings reflects on the requirements of parents and families for their children. Some parents want care for their children so that they can return to work, some may want to stay with their children while they socialise, some may want their children in a setting which offer services aimed at learning, whilstRead MoreShc 22834 Words   |  4 PagesSHC: 22: introduction to personal development in health, social care or children’s and young people’s setting. 1.1: describe the duties and responsibilities of your own role. In the morning one of my first duty is to greet the children and parents and ask them how they are, this is because, they will feel welcome in the setting and happy to be seen again. Then I sit down on one of the activity tables where the children are playing, and communicate with them about what they are doing, thisRead MoreThe Role Of The Operating Department Practitioner1575 Words   |  7 Pageswill be reflecting on the influences on, how the role of the operating department practitioner (ODP) has developed within the multi-professional healthcare team. I will also be discussing in this text some of the historical, political, legal, social, and cultural influences of the ODP. And I will be reflecting on my personal experience working within the operating department for the first time as a student, using the Gibbs cycle (1988.). To do this we must first briefly consider the current role of theRead MoreEssay about Leadership in Early Childhood1466 Words   |  6 Pagessociety (Waniganayake, Cheeseman, Fenech, Hadley, Shepherd, 2012). Leadership in early childhood have shifted the focus from one designated leader into a more collective approach – distributed leadership, which is not about delegating. As Cheeseman (2012) states, in early childhood settings, attention is often directed at administrative and management leadership (Waniganayake et al., 2012); however it is important to have a designated leader in the areas of development and implementation of curriculumRead MoreReflective Review of Personal Professional Practice1538 Words   |  7 PagesReflective Review of my personal and professional practice Learning outcome: Demonstrating inclusive practice (PP1) My name is and I am the manager of a day care setting based in the north of London; in a rich culturally mixed community. I manage a 41 place centre offering full day care services for children aged 6 months to 5 years. I am responsible for the overall running of the setting including the writing of policies and recruitment of staff. I am also the settings SENCO, nominatedRead MoreThe Transition Of The Vet1464 Words   |  6 PagesReflection 1 (Autobiographic) I have been involved with delivery within the VET sector for numerous years now and over that time I have seen many changes within the VET area and have also undergone many changes in my teaching role. When I first started teaching in the VET system, it was in an Advanced Diploma program with predominately adult learners who were looking for a career change. Being new to the competency based system and with little guidance, I needed to dig deep to gain an acceptableRead MoreThe Importance Of The Learning Resource And Identify Areas For Improvement1257 Words   |  6 PagesBredekamp, 2009, p. 9). According to Piaget’s ‘Developmental Stage Theory’, children within sensorimotor stage (0-2 years old) experience the environment through senses and movement (Wadsworth, 1996). Children’s actions, repetitive behaviours or schemas contribute to their cognitive development ‘†¦as children make music, they construct meaning’ (Morehouse, 2013, p.85). When sharing music with young children it is important for practitioners to support young children to ‘follow the structure of songs ratherRead MoreThe Professional Identity Of A Teacher1217 Words   |  5 PagesTeachers play an important role in society. They are responsible for educating children, the leaders of tomorrow. A teacher is recognised as one of the most influential people involved within the development of a child, responsible for the imparting of both social and academic knowledge. As an aspiring teacher it is important to reflect and critique on the professional identity of a teacher. We must understand the standards that are expected of teachers by revising policies such as the MelbourneRead MoreEDU10003 The World Of Maths Assessment 2 ESSAY SM1577 Words   |  7 Pagessocial to private and civil. Therefore maths education is widely believed to be the single most important aspect to establishing opportunities for young people; unfortunately, many struggle with mathematics and become indifferent as they continue to encounter obstacles with regard to engagement (Anthony Walshaw, 2009). Knowing a person’s ability to learn is greatly impacted by teaching beliefs and practices, it is imperative that educators are able to develop and deliver information in an inclusive

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Effects of Internet of Things on Mining Industry

Question: What we now see is that many organigations that have been involed in these automation processes for many years- and who therefore have a very good understanding of what they can do with M2M- are now speeding up their deployments. these include manufactures, the mining industry, transport organisations, infrastructure organisations and so on? Answer: Introduction: Internet of things: It is a process of proposed development in which the objects which are used in everyday life are developed into network connectivity framework that helps them in sending and receiving data. It is in other words is a concept of computing that is future oriented which works with an aim of connecting the physical objects with the internet that leads them in being identifiable on the other devices. Internet of things is a term that can be very closely related with a method of communication i.e. RFID. It can also be found with other technologies such as sensor technologies and wireless technologies etc. Internet of things has its own significance because it lets the object being identifiable as a digitally represented object that makes that object more valuable and effective than it is in its original form (Giusto, 2010). The object once gets connected digitally becomes easily connected with other objects in the surroundings and even with the database containing crucia l data of the organization. Due to the internet of things the objects starts working in unison and thus are known as objects having ambient intelligence. The need of the present hour is of having computers that are well aware of all the things which are all about to be known about any object. This act is performed by the objects after being digitally transformed by making use of the data without taking any sort of help from the human beings (Fleisch, 2010). In return the human beings are able to track and count the details about any object that in turn will help in the reduction of wastage, loss due to contingencies and increased costs etc. The information regarding the replacement, repair and any sort of recalling about the objects being fresh or are outdated can be easily achieved. Mining: It is a process through which coal and other minerals are being extracted from the mines. With the process of mining the minerals and other metals are removed from the earth. These metals can be manganese, tantalum, copper, tin, nickel, bauxite, iron ore, gold, silver and diamonds etc. Through mining valuable minerals and other geographical materials are extracted from various sources available on earth such as ore body, reef, seam and lode etc. and by extracting these minerals from the earth the miner settles his economic interest by supplying these mineral and metals to industries where they are used for further processing of another finished product (Peterson, 2001). Mining of metals and minerals is done for obtaining materials that cannot be obtained from agricultural processes and cannot be even created artificially through experiments in any lab or factory. The process used for mining purposes in modern times prospecting of various ores, analyzing the future prospects of attain ting profits from a proposed mine, starting the process of extraction of minerals desired and lastly reclamation of land of the closed mines Here the topic of discussion is The effects of Internet of Things on Mining. The data collected is from varied sources such as books, journals, articles and free sources available online. The Internet of things in Mining: The mining industry has started commercially harnessing the benefits of automation, internet of things big data analytics for having a common of them for ripping the benefits of these technological advancements. With high rate technological advancements the developments in the mining industry are taking place at a faster rate that presents great potentials for expansion and development for the mining and technological industry. Technology is eagerly needed in mining industry for harnessing the potential benefits of high rate cost reductions that will be beneficial for a long-term period. Costs reductions are possible in various areas such as ore targeting and processing and even for energy maintenance and management projects which are very essential for the faster growth of the industry. In turn the technological industry is also navigating the mining industry and its future prospects in the industry for completely reaping the benefits (Gubbi, 2013). According to the future projections done by market experts it is evident that in mining industry the main sector that will be benefitted in the near future due to technical advancements will be the information and communication technologies sector of mining industry. This sector is expected to reach the new heights of $26.1 billion by 2018. Internet of things in a mining industry is playing its own role by digitally transforming the objects used in mining industry. The giant trucks used in mining industry for transporting purposes of the minerals and metals are now working on programmed and responsive routes. It helps in the autonomous hauling of ores by the giant trucks and all this is done due to internet of things. Other objects that are used after they are digitally transformed helps in performing various other purposes such as monitoring of activities through drones and even the operations undertaken on the surface areas are measured successfully by using the technique of internet of things, equipments are also located with the help of digital signals (Humphreys, 2001). Schedules for conducting various activities are being prepared with the help of technologically advanced techniques and that helps in regular monitoring of the activities. Even timely feedbacks about the activities performed are taken easily that he lps in the proper identification of any loops in the processes and thus fixing the problems that results in maximization of production and profits. Everyday new advancements take place in the mining industry such as autonomous drill rigs and trains have already undergone trial and can be successfully installed in near future. On the scales used in mining industries at the miniature end the sensors and transmitters are installed for working on excessive amounts of variables. Earlier single sensors were used that were working in a capacity of measuring the operations of the machinery and environmental variables (Humphreys, 2000). On the other hand the sensors with integrated networks are able to predict the potential requirements for maintenance, can help in preventing accidents, optimal utilization of processes and proper monitoring of compliances related to the environment. All this is possible due to the internet of things that can easily cover the places at vast distances. Mining has become safer than before due to internet of things: Internet of things is working with a goal in mining industry of providing more safe means of working and even improving the current safety practices. The machines used in the industry are usually powerful and are very large in size and weight. This industry contains some of the largest machines of the world. Thus this increases the chances of accidents if any person is working at wrong place at wrong time which leads to very harmful results (Sun, 2012). With the help of internet of things heavy equipments are incorporated with sensors working in cooperation with warning technology that can detect their location and proximity and provide warning messages at the time of emergency and can easily prevent accidents. The applications and devices used for controlling these equipments include GPS, video, radar and RF devices that help in locating things and these things can be used for both the equipments and even for employees working in the industry and thus safety of mining industry is en sured. With the advancement of technology and internet of things in mining industry, the human beings are removed from performing dangerous operations. This reduces the chances of accidents and any sort of loss of workforce. For example in Western Australia, self- driving or autonomous trucks are being used by the firm Rio Tinto since 2008. There about fifty three Komatsu autonomous trucks are working in mining industry and are navigating routes and even responds for local environmental and other conditions with the help of GPS, radar guidance systems and around two hundred sensors (Bandyopadhyay, 2011). The firm is using the Autonomous Hauling System (AHS) which has proved itself as a very high performance providing system. As per the data available the driver less trucks of Rio Tinto has hauled about 250 million tons of ore and had driven for about three million miles. These wireless trucks are working on the techniques of internet of things and are connected wirelessly and are operated a nd controlled by the operations team of Rio Tinto working in Perth which is thousands mile away from the actual site of working. As the internet of things have made the trucks driver less and this has helped in improving the safety measures for the workers by reducing the chances of fatigue and mistakes due to stress and also by deducting the number of workers needed at the actual mining sites that are highly dangerous at times (Baoyun, 2009). More predictable, optimized and continuous operations all through day and night are possible without and change of shifts and lunch breaks with the help of autonomous trucks. With the use of such trucks the need for more technical people gets reduced for working in operations control centre and thus led to a shift in skills needed in workers of the mining industry. Now even the workers working in mining industries have an added advantage of residing in town areas instead of living on the outer skirts of the cities i.e. near to the ore bodies. The Autonomous Drilling Systems (ADS) have been undergoing trial by various mining organizations. For example Rio Tinto has installed ADS in its mine site in West Angeles (Jiping, 2010). They have even put a trial for automated driverless trains with an investment of more than half a billion that will help in hauling ores from the mines to the ports. Companies like Rio Tinto is working with a vision of making mines for the future with the overall operations of the mining industry being performed by the objects based on internet of things for not only using automated trucks and hauling purposes but also for other purposes such as operations in the mining industry, continuous and minute monitoring of mining operations, plant processing purposes, monitoring of stockpiles, computerized floatation tanks used in extraction processes that can result in optimal working of the extraction process and even trains working on autonomous ideology and all these operations are controlled from a cent ralized department or unit of the organization i.e. the centralized operation centers of the companies. Conclusion: The idea behind working with an internet of things based system is that all the things will be operating under a system called as a total system. It will be system in which all the operations of the mining industry will be pre-planned and dynamic. It will work on the notions of having its own memory system and can anticipate problematic areas and even respond to them on timely basis. This system will be able to learn the things on its own and will have interlinked paths working at a speed of light. The function of this total system will be that of brain working for the whole ore body in coordination with all the other operations being controlled by the centralized operations centre. The automation of the mine systems will integrate all the physical automated elements. It will help in the creation of models that are multi- dimensional formed by the integration of varied data sources that includes sensors of the equipments and also the data related to geological functions. The system c an also be used for optimizing the layout plans of the mines, paths on which vehicles operate, operations of the mines and coordination of all the rest operations for the most efficient and effective results. Some firms are even using visualizing software known as RTVs that provide 3D visuals of the mine and other crucial data essential for the functions performed by controllers, geologists, drilling teams for planning blasts operations, planners of the mine and supervisors for taking crucial decisions for the organization. Internet of things in mining industry is making operations of the industry more safe and efficient with the automation of objects. It is creating more job opportunities with high technical skills and even allowing people to work from places of their preferences with few workers working on dangerous mining sites. Still its just a beginning stage of automation of transformation process in mining industries. References: BANDYOPADHYAY, D., SEN, J. (2011). Internet of things: Applications and challenges in technology and standardization.Wireless Personal Communications,58(1), 49-69. BAOYUN, W. (2009). Review on internet of things.Journal of Electronic Measurement and Instrument,23(12), 1-7. FLEISCH, E. (2010). What is the internet of things? An economic perspective.Economics, Management, and Financial Markets, (2), 125-157. GIUSTO, D., LERA, A., MORABITO, G., ATZORI, L. (2010).The Internet of Things. Berlin/Heidelberg, Germany: Springer. GUBBI, J., BUYYA, R., MARUSIC, S., PALANISWAMI, M. (2013). Internet of Things (IoT): A vision, architectural elements, and future directions.Future Generation Computer Systems,29(7), 1645-1660. HUMPHREYS, D. (2000). A business perspective on community relations in mining.Resources Policy,26(3), 127-131. HUMPHREYS, D. (2001). Sustainable development: can the mining industry afford it?.Resources policy,27(1), 1-7. JIPING, S. (2010). Mine safety monitoring and control technology and system. Coal Science and Technology,38(10), 1-4. PETERSON, D. J. (2001).New forces at work in mining: industry views of critical technologies. Rand Corporation. SUN, E., ZHANG, X., LI, Z. (2012). The internet of things (IOT) and cloud computing (CC) based tailings dam monitoring and pre-alarm system in mines. Safety science,50(4), 811-815.

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Words free essay sample

Im nearly certain that all people have shared the glorious experience of scolding. I fondly recall my fathers frequent demands, Tahirah! Dont write on the wall! I still cant quite comprehend why, since I was so highly skilled with crayola at six years old, my father wouldnt want my lovely multicolored words upon the otherwise dull, white walls. When I discovered books, the admonishment was usually, Turn out the light! Put that book down and go to bed! Thank goodness book lights can be easily hidden under blankets. The most recent reprimands have regarded my mothers strange desire that I turn my music off; apparently wearing earphones isnt good enough (unfortunately quite often her voice doesnt seem to make it to my ears). Ive noticed that the chastisements have maintained a similarity in purpose, for they continually insist that I neglect my health. We will write a custom essay sample on Words or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Its horrid to think about what could happen if I didnt have the three necessities of life: music, books, and writing. Though Ive transitioned from writing on the walls to using one of my numerous notebooks or Steve, my beloved computer, the intent has remained the same: to get out as many of my thoughts as possible before my mind overflows. Regrettably, this almost always leads to more scolding: Turn off that computer, you have school in the morning! My mind doesnt seem to value sleep as much as my parents do; even when Im safely tucked away beneath the covers, I still feel the urge to reach through the darkness to grab a pen and paper. If not kept awake at night by my need to write, Im kept awake by my need to read (guess thats why Im not a morning person). Numerous authors have been responsible for preventing me from getting the requisite rest. It shouldnt come as any surprise that one of my favorite locations is sitting in one of the black comfy chairs within Borders Books and Music. My three basic needs all generally involve the same thing, which is that they express something using words. Whether theyre sung or written, I admire the use of words to take the pieces of a thought and form them into something comprehensible. No doubt, this is the cause of my extensive quote collection. As described by Anna H. Branch, God wove a web of loveliness, of clouds and stars and birds, but made not any thing at all so beautiful as words.

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Free Essays on Essay on Platos Republic

ESSAY FOR THE SELECTIONS FROM BOOK II OF PLATO’S REPUBLIC I think that Plato believed history had little significance. Although he was one of the Greek’s greatest political figures, I do not agree with his point of view. His form of censorship leads to the falsification of history. In Plato’s Republic, Plato talked about censorship. He wanted to change or remove lines from poems that made the gods look petty and cruel, and he would not allow stories that made the gods seem evil to be told in his city. He wanted to take these actions to keep the children and citizens of the city thinking that the gods would not do anyone any harm. His doctrine might sound good, but the censorship of literature leads to another kind of censorship, the alteration of history. Censorship seems to be on the rise again, in our period in history. Modern censorship is in the form of extreme â€Å"political correctness.† Some history books I’ve seen sugarcoat the truth in the name of political correctness. These books made huge massacres and battles involving several countries sound like little skirmishes between a couple of ‘people.’ We can not use the term ‘men,’ because the history books must to be ‘politically correctâ€⠄¢ these days. Some people believe that the term ‘men’ does not include the female portion of the human race. I strongly disagree with Plato’s doctrine regarding the treatment of history. Following his advice would hide the real facts behind historic events and could change their real significance.... Free Essays on Essay on Plato's Republic Free Essays on Essay on Plato's Republic ESSAY FOR THE SELECTIONS FROM BOOK II OF PLATO’S REPUBLIC I think that Plato believed history had little significance. Although he was one of the Greek’s greatest political figures, I do not agree with his point of view. His form of censorship leads to the falsification of history. In Plato’s Republic, Plato talked about censorship. He wanted to change or remove lines from poems that made the gods look petty and cruel, and he would not allow stories that made the gods seem evil to be told in his city. He wanted to take these actions to keep the children and citizens of the city thinking that the gods would not do anyone any harm. His doctrine might sound good, but the censorship of literature leads to another kind of censorship, the alteration of history. Censorship seems to be on the rise again, in our period in history. Modern censorship is in the form of extreme â€Å"political correctness.† Some history books I’ve seen sugarcoat the truth in the name of political correctness. These books made huge massacres and battles involving several countries sound like little skirmishes between a couple of ‘people.’ We can not use the term ‘men,’ because the history books must to be ‘politically correctâ€⠄¢ these days. Some people believe that the term ‘men’ does not include the female portion of the human race. I strongly disagree with Plato’s doctrine regarding the treatment of history. Following his advice would hide the real facts behind historic events and could change their real significance....

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Why the European Union developed a range of equality policies and Essay

Why the European Union developed a range of equality policies and enacted some strong workplace equality legislation - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that ever since 1957, when gender-based inequality was pledged to be abolished from workplaces in the European Union through the Treaty of Rome, Europeans have seen many changes occur in the field of workplace equality policies. Recently, the European Union again reemphasized upon this aspect of equality in the workplace and modified the workplace equality legislation to give everyone a fair chance in performing at their jobs while the reasons for this move is pretty obvious, exact tenets of the approach used by the European Union are hard to emulate in other countries due to the complexity of clauses presented in the legislation. In order to understand this, we must delve into the details of the changes brought in by the European Union recently. For a country to grow and experience financial and economic prosperity, it is very important that each and every individual in the community has a role to play in contributing towards the infrastru cture of the country. For this to happen, any individual located in any part if the European Union should ideally have all the chances to take up a job he desires and serve the country using his specific skillsets. It was this ideology that prompted the government to set up such legislation initially. In due course of time, several amendments came up to reduce gender bias and racist discriminations in the workplace. Amongst prominent incidents that led to the further upheaval of the policies in this legislation, we find the following to be of utmost importance and to have led to anti-discrimination laws to be more completely defined in recent times. Roma History: Surprisingly a lot of schools in different parts of the European Union had students of Romanian backgrounds, most of whom were victims of discrimination whether at school or in society. Children abused at workplaces were also found in these rehabilitation schools. This observation and the plight of descendants of Gypsies br ought out the need to abolish discrimination at elementary levels, by introducing laws that governed much more than just racial discrimination in the workplace.