Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Which Sport is More Dangerous Essay Example for Free

Which Sport is More Dangerous Essay Have you ever wondered if football is a more dangerous sport than soccer? Football is a contact sport. You can get tackled in football but you can’t get tackled in soccer. You’re more prone to get injured in football than you are in soccer. A higher number of injuries result in contact sports. To help prevent injuries, both sports have rules that enforce the use of safety equipment According to an article I read â€Å"Early Days of Soccer† by Robert Pruter the beginning of soccer in schools started because too many deaths and injuries happened in football. Football was considered a very dangerous and violent sport during 1905. At that time many colleges were dropping football and turning to soccer. Soccer was not only considered a less dangerous sport but a more â€Å"democratic sport that allowed many more students to enjoy the benefits of an open-air physical exercise in a non-brutal sport.† Soccer is now probably the fastest growing sport in this country especially for girls and women. Millions of kids are joining youth soccer leagues and there are thousands of teens on high school soccer teams. Obviously, some sports are more dangerous than others. People can get hurt in all types of sports. Injuries can happen from falls, from being hit by an object, sprains and strains, collisions, concussions, or from trauma to a body part. Although, most injuries happen in sports that involve contact and collisions. Football and soccer are trying to make their equipment safer for the players. There are also rules to protect the players. In football a player can tackle someone but they can’t take the player down by the facemask or they can’t tackle them head to head. Quarterbacks cannot be hit after they have thrown the ball unless they are within one step of a defensive player at the time of the throw. Soccer also has some strict rules against taking a player down, challenging the ball from behind, or kicking a player’s legs out from underneath him. Also, players cannot touch or try to kick the ball from a goalie once the goalie has the ball. Players who don’t follow these rules are penalized.

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