Sunday, November 17, 2019

Assignment Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Assignment - Dissertation Example Evaluate its overall physical infrastructure, accompanied by its marketing and compatibility factor consideration with other technologies. The dissertation would further allow for clear understanding of the technology incorporated in VOIP, which will be done so through critical analysis and comparison with other technologies present. Abstract: Using the broadband to better services in form of telephone options define the core purpose of VOIP. Outlines: Understanding the working of VOIP, the technologies incorporated its strengths and weakness, potential advantages and possible areas of improvement would be investigated in the overall dissertation. The project will broadly consist of the introduction and abstract part, followed by the literature review part which would investigate the methodical and periodical work that has been conducted over period of time in the field of VOIP and other communication technologies. Work of different experts and technologists who have researched in th is field would be brought to light. This would be followed by the research methodology phase of the dissertation which would include the explanation and discussion of the ground level activities and facts related to VOIP. Finally the last part of the dissertation would constitute the findings and analysis portion which would allow for better implementation of the technology in the physical domain. Using the software is also part of the overall project for purpose of pilot test and evaluation. Software tool application would enable for practical demonstration of the VOIP features, its services and its compatibility with other underlying technologies and hardware applications. Software compatibility and designing a software manual according to the desired technological requirements is another core function contained in the overall project. Literature review: The concept of VOIP gained prominence in the early days of 21st century when the technology took a shift towards further enhance d means of communication in form of the video enabled services and remote connectivity. With focus on virtualization and making use of digital means to avoid the physical journeys VOIP was adopted. VOIP was the main demand of the business enterprises who sought online activities in order to avoid the physical travelling and other physical activities associated with dealing with the partners. The earlier traces of VOIP can be traced to the mid 1990s (Kelly 2011, 74) when a sound card set of headphones and internet connection would allow for connection establishment. With time, the overall domain got expanded and the business enterprises gained interest in this field and also the common users and thereby it started expanding and a new set of standard in form of VOIP. Evaluation Criteria: VOIP is a complete set of technology that incorporates various software packages and elements, along with hardware components. It has a complete infrastructure in its own which facilitates the service s that are being provided over the infrastructure of VOIP. Configuration: VOIP entails the use of adapters, routers, soft phones; dedicated VOIP phones are few of the elements that constitute the physical layer configuration requirements of VOIP. Criteria for determining the success: The success would be gauged in terms of its implementation, its overall affectivity and impact on the overall

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