Thursday, October 17, 2019

Journal article critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Journal article critique - Essay Example Distribution of leadership would serve motivate the teaching staff making them to go beyond their mandate. The benefits of this distribution of leadership responsibilities would consequently trickle down to students. I found the idea that leadership is moral activity that should be creative and transformative in positively influencing the social and personal aspects of students’ lives insightful. This is important because it shows that effective leadership should not be based on opinion but duty (Rhodes & Brundrett, 2009). The idea of incorporating all stakeholders in influencing positive and improving schools and student behavior is a tested idea and it is effective. Leaving other stakeholders such as parents and students from leadership locks out the contribution of these stakeholders and this can slow the achievement of the goal of school improvement. The authors of this article explain that leadership that factors in student voice helps to not only improve a school academically and imparts responsible and active citizenship in students. I find this idea important because schools are supposed to have a holistic impact on students not just academically. I agree with these authors when they contend that leadership positions in schools are still highly engendered and this need to be changed. This idea is important because it would help tap women’s talent in improving schools (Rhodes & Brundrett, 2009). The idea that leadership development happens effectively on the job is important because it extends leadership development beyond leadership training programs. The idea to create a learning community as a strategy to enhance adaptability to change and improve students’ outcomes is noteworthy. This is because, many organizations are increasingly emphasizing the role of a learning environment in facilitating improvements

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